Monday, July 23, 2012

Beach Trip!

I apologize that I've been MIA on the blog here lately.  I've had a pretty full plate and am just now getting to sit down and write anything.  But don't worry, I've been doing lots of fun things to keep you all entertained!
I will start by saying that I, like the rest of the world, extend my thoughts and prayers to those in the Aurora/Denver, Colorado community.  As we pray for those who were victims in this tragedy, remember also to pray for this very, very lost soul as he has ruined many lives as well as the peace of mind of countless others.
 "43 “You have heard that it was said, ‘Love your neighbor[a] and hate your enemy.’ 44 But I tell you, love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you, 45 that you may be children of your Father in heaven. He causes his sun to rise on the evil and the good, and sends rain on the righteous and the unrighteous. 46 If you love those who love you, what reward will you get? Are not even the tax collectors doing that? 47 And if you greet only your own people, what are you doing more than others? Do not even pagans do that? 48 Be perfect, therefore, as your heavenly Father is perfect.
This Wednesday I will be departing on the Senior Trip I never had with 3 of my best friends.  Our Senior year of high school we decided that we wanted to go on a beach trip together.  *Backstory: we were the complete opposite of troublemakers or party girls.  We had every intention of having ourselves some good, clean fun.*  However, our plans were foiled by our mothers who insisted that we could not drive to Florida by ourselves and that they would caravan along behind us and go too.  Only we "wouldn't know they were there."  They said they would stay on different floors of the condo, eat at different mom even said we could call them and tell them not to go somewhere because we were going to go there.  Ultimately we thought that was super lame and didn't even book the trip.  
So here we are, seven years later, and we are going to the beach together!  In honor of this momentous occasion I am linking up with my BFF Lindsay at Simple & Chic and sharing some of my favorite beach trip must haves!
Beach Towel
Most people will probably find this weird, but I LOVE beach towels!  They come in such fun and bright colors, it's hard not to.  I'm loving this one!

Bathing Suit
Granted I wish I looked like this in the bathing suit...I don't!  But I love the top!  I would pair it with a different colored bottom, like black or something.

This Chair
I typically have trouble trying to load up all of my beach goodies and am quite clumsy when it comes to actually getting to my spot in the sand.  This year I bought this chair at TJ Maxx for $10 less than I had seen it on Amazon (woo!).  It has a backpack-like set of straps to help you make it to the beach with one less thing in your hands.  I'm sure I will look like Screech Powers but frankly I do not care.

The Cooler Tote
Is it just me or is this quilted cooler tote precious?  Plus it looks enormous so you could fit all sorts of snacks, drinks and ice in there!

I love big floppy hats, but I am just not that glamorous while sitting at the beach.  I feel like I really would spend more time chasing the big, beautiful hat down than I would relaxing.  So, while that would be entertaining for other beach-goers, I choose a good ole ball cap!  This is one of my favorite hats from Volunteer Traditions...I have the mint green one!
Don't forget the sunscreen!

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  1. I tried to post on my phone, but I don't think it worked..I am SOO excited! We haven't had a beach trip together in years.