Sunday, August 12, 2012

Bombasha Brazilian Steakhouse

Happy Sunday!  This weekend has really flown by.  G and I got to head to Nashville for a meal at one of our favorite restaurants.  And thanks to Groupon we got a deal to do so!

Have you ever thought to yourself, "Man, I really wish I could just have an all-you-can-eat smorgasboard of meat brought right to my table."  I'm sure any man reading this answered with an emphatic yes.  Well friends, look no further than Bombasha Brazilian Steakhouse in Nashville!

Photo via Bombasha's Facebook page

Our friends introduced us to this delight on New Year's Eve this past year and we've been back a couple of times since.  It. Is. So. Good.  Basically, here is the rundown of the Bombasha experience:

Once seated by the hostess, you'll notice a card at each place.  The card is green on one side and red on the other.  This tells the gauchos (the meat guys) that you are ready and rearing for the meat course.  You'll also be offered the salad bar.  G chose to forego the salad bar experience and dove straight into the meat election by flipping his card to green.  I made myself a small plate of greens, sun-dried tomatoes and cheese then flipped my card to green as well.

This is where things get serious....seriously delicious.  Ladies and gentleman this is not for the vegetarian in your circle of friends.  Bombasha boasts 11 cuts of meat.  There is beef, pork, chicken and sometimes lamb.  I'm a big fan of the House Special and the Parmesan Pork.  This weekend's selection also offered a Parmesan Beef that was so tender it was like butter in your mouth.  Wonderful, meat butter.  

Not only is the food delicious at Bombasha, but so is the overall experience.  Once you've flipped your card to the green side the servers, called gauchos, begin coming past your table holding what I thought to be swords skewered with meat (see above photo).  They ask if you would like whichever cut of meat they have and you have the option to try it or pass.  They cut the meat right at your table, so it is fresh!

Bombasha is located in Hillsboro Village on Belcourt Avenue.  If you have ever eaten at Cabana you've probably tried to walk in the door to Bombasha (I sat beside the window and watched many a person stutter-step to get to the right one.  Oh, and I've done it before too.).  It's a little on the pricey side but totally worth it for the amount of food you get and the servers are really attentive.  

Oh and PS - if you go to Bombasha, try the little rolls.  They have a different texture so they aren't for everyone....but I ate the entire basket myself.  Sorry I'm not sorry.

Where's your favorite place to eat in the Nashville area?

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

It's (Not Quite) Fall, Y'all!

Hello friends!  I tried to fight it, I really did.  But I am kind of getting ready for fall.  This is always such a tough time for me, a lover of summer, but it comes each and every year.  I get tired of the blazing hot sun and start getting ready to pull on my boots and scarves.  However it is quite tough to part with going on the boat, sundresses and not having to bundle up to fight the elements (I HATE the wintery chill!).
This awkward Summer-Fall transition does bring a lot of my very favorite things.  G's birthday.  My birthday.  The start of Football season.  Plus, with all of these Fall-inspired pins on Pinterest, I can't help but get a little excited!  That being said, we're going to look past the allergies and go on to my second favorite season's greatest attributes...Fall!
My parents met while working at a boot company.  My grandparents and my aunt & uncle met while working at the same boot company.  I am genetically engineered to love this footwear.  Cowboy, riding, rain...I love all varieties of boots!  Just look at these beauties.  Wouldn't they be great with some leggings or skinny jeans tucked in?

Seasonal Beverages/Scents
Pumpkin Spice, gingerbread, hazelnut, cider- it just warms my soul.  I caught myself in the candle section of Walmart the other day sniffing a Pumpkin Spice Candle.  I had to get a grip and keep moving.  However, when the weather cools down I believe I am going to give this a try.
Homemade Pumpkin Spice Latte via Pinterest

Hayrides and Pumpkins
You have to admit, in theory, the idea of a hayride is a little bizarre.  "There's nothing like gathering your closest friends/family and dragging them behind a truck/tractor seated upon livestock feed!"  But seriously, I do love getting snuggled under a blanket and taking a spin on a trailer of hay.  Our church has one every year and I have such wonderful memories of those.

I also love pumpkin picking, carving and pumpkin decor!

Now if the truth be told I can usually eat soup at any time of year.  In fact, I had soup last night for supper and I had been sweating earlier in the day.  But there's just something about soup and fall that just go together!  I can't wait to find some delicious goodies on Pinterest to try this season.

Just 24 days until it's football time in Tennessee!!  I love the pageantry of college football.  The marching bands, the cheering, the tradition and of course...the tailgate food!  Saturdays down South are no joking matter.  Menus are planned well in advance, tailgating spots are decorated, some people go as far as hooking generators up to televisions to be as up-to-date on football coverage as possible.  

If you've never been to an NFL game, I'd highly recommend it!  You may be right on the field or hundreds of feet above but you're guaranteed a good time.  At least at Titans' games.  I think Titans fans are some of the most welcoming and friendly fans in the NFL....oh wait and the loudest :)

So what are you most excited about this fall? 

Friday, August 3, 2012

Oh 21st Century, Why Must You Cramp My Style?

Have you ever gotten really excited about a book or a movie and someone told you the end?  Or reenacted the funniest/most exciting parts?  I know I personally get very upset.  So can someone please explain to me why media outlets think it is a fabulous idea to ruin our suspenseful Olympic Game experience?

Now don't get me wrong, technology can be very helpful as well as entertaining, but I sometimes miss being less "connected."  I distinctly remember watching these young ladies win their gold medal with all sorts of hopeful suspense. 

Now granted yes, I was only one time zone away and I was also 8 or 9 at the time and probably not checking up on the Olympics on my Windows 96 computer.  But I do remember watching as precious Kerri Strug was carried by Coach Bela after completing her vault routine....on a terribly hurt ankle.  Sidenote: Think about what that was probably like.  You know when you get a foot cramp or you accidentally kick the coffee table with your pinky toe?  Do you want to run, jump off of a springboard and then fling yourself through the air after that?  And her ankle was hurting way worse than a cramp!

However this year I had the men's swimming relay ruined (thanks G!) as well as the Fab Five women's gymnastics team gold medal ruined.  The sad thing is, I found out about the women's gymnastics gold medal from someone on Facebook complaining that they had seen it online.  Irony.

I really do think we as a society, spend entirely too much time on our phones.  I am just as guilty as the next person.  I did see this good idea via Pinterest and I think it's worth a try!  That is if I can pry G's phone out of his hand.....

So, are you enjoying the Olympics?  Or have you been paying too much attention to your telephone :)  Hope you're all having a happy Friday!!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Swirlz Night!

I'm back y'all!  My apologies for the blog hiatus but I'm back from Gulf Shores and very relaxed!  PS - the backpack beach chair was amazing!  My friend Jessica had one just like mine and we called them our "Turtle Chairs" as we felt like we had a shell while wearing them.  SO convenient.  Also, if you're ever down on the Alabama Gulf Coast and have the opportunity to hear a band called The Foxy it!!  They were my favorite!  We even got them to play a little "Rocky Top" for some Tennessee girls (btw if you're reading this Iguanas, I'm still REALLY sorry for mistaking your ashtray bucket for your tip jar.  That could have ended badly)!

The weekend before last, while on blogging hiatus, G and I went to Swirlz with two of our good friends.  Swirlz is a painting studio where you are given a set painting and then an instructor gives you step-by-step directions on how to recreate it.  It was such a good time!

We signed up for "Starry Night," very similar to the Van Gogh edition. As you can tell from this picture G and I got a little carried away with our moons.  G also took his own artistic liberties with his painting and eradicated his entire town of houses.  He also accidentally turned his church into the Weasley's home from Harry Potter.  What can I say?  The man is an artist... or something like that!

Our friends had been to a previous Swirlz class to celebrate a birthday.  Jen said she figured her husband would have to go if it was her birthday...and he loved it!  I'm pretty sure that was the only reason G was talked into the situation....and he loved it too.  So guys, don't think it's girly or silly...just go and have fun!  Plus they do "manly" paintings like 12-point bucks or Apache helicopters.

The calendar is posted online (here) so you are able to see which painting you'll be working on that night.  As previously mentioned, they do different styles of paintings and will hold private events for groups as well as paintings specifically for kids.  The website is also where you reserve your seat(s) for the class.  Depending on what painting you sign up for, prices typically run from $35-$45 per person.  That provides your paint, smock and canvas.  You're allowed to bring in the beverages of your choice as well.  Water, cokes, wine, beer, Gatorade....whatever!  However, beware that you may or may not accidentally try and drink your brush water and/or put your dirty brush into your bev.  

Also, if you are a little pokey (like me) they try and accommodate you, but try and keep up.  Until G went rogue I had to keep asking what the instructor said because I was super focused on the proper blending of my stars.  Now, don't go all speed demon either...that's how G ended up with a brown moon....

So, if you're feeling some artistic energy you'd like to get out or are in need of a fun/unique date night or girls' night, head on over to Swirlz!

PS - I left with more paint on myself than on the canvas (no seriously, it was in my hair and I even found some the next day I had missed!  Can't take me anywhere.) so maybe bear that in mind when selecting your outfit!