Tuesday, July 3, 2012

It's (Almost) Football Time in Tennessee!

There's 59 days until college football season begins friends!  Who is ready to sing Rocky Top?  Let's hope this season is considerably better than last and we will get to sing it a bit more often!  Derek Dooley, I'm looking at you.
 For some reason I am in the gameday spirit today and thought I would post some of my favorite gameday attire to get y'all in the spirit too!

I'll start this off by saying, if you're going to a game at Neyland--do not wear heels.  You'll most likely be walking a lot and Knoxville is located smack-dab on a mountain so flats and boots are go-to gameday footwear.  Trust me, nobody wants to be "That Girl" who is hobbling the streets/stadium like a newborn deer plus your feet will thank you later!

This breezy dress is great for the early part of the season.  August & September can still be extremely hot.

This outfit is versitale in that you can wear the white skinny jeans with the shirt untucked or tucked into the scalloped shorts!  Either option would be good for the game with flats and wedges for the night out after.

I personally love a good blazer.  I'm in the market for a nice orange one at the moment and this one is super cute!  If only it wasn't $$$....  This girl could trade the platforms for some flats and she'd be ready to roll.

For the cooler months, a nice jean/riding boot combo paired with an orange blazer and monogrammed earrings.

It's a well known fact by Tennessee fans, primarily ladies, that "UT Orange" is a hard color to duplicate.  Most shades of orange can be acceptable on gameday but don't forget to bear in mind your opponents!  You don't want to be caught in "Auburn Orange" or "Gator Orange"when playing Auburn or Florida.

Happy Fourth of July Eve!

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