Thursday, June 28, 2012

Healthy Choices & Fun Tunes

Today I had lunch with my mom and some ladies from our church.  We ate at Ruby Tuesday.  I was glad to see that Ruby was taking some proactive stances in the obesity epidemic with their "Fit & Trim" menu choices that listed the calories on the menu.  I decided that I'd go with the Chicken Fresco that came with broccolli and mashed potatoes--all for 397 calories.  It was delish! 

I was feeling pretty proud of myself until we figured out that the delicious little garlic biscuits that had been brought to our table were 110 calories a piece.  Not too big of a deal......unless you were me who ate five of them.  Whoops.

This leads me to my next question....why weren't the calories of those listed?  And why were the "Fit & Trim" options the only menu items with nutritional values listed?  It's a good step forward to have the healthier items listed, but when the healthier items have "less than 700 calories" that makes me wonder how many the other entrees have.  Chili's is the same way with their "Guiltless Grill" options but have you ever looked up the nutrition on the other food there?  If you ever want to eat chips & salsa or queso dip I would suggest you just jog to Chili's rather than drive.  I like to know ahead of time what my menu options will be so I can adjust the rest of my day's eating. 

For example, Jack in the Box lists all of their menu items' calorie values on their drive thru board.  I know what you're probably thinking...why is she eating at Jack in the Box and trying to be remotely health conscious?....because I'm an American, a big fat American who just wants some of those curly fries....but I do want to know if I should eat only green beans for supper.  But Jack posts it all, the good and the bad.  It scares you into eating a better choice.  I could've ordered the giant, tasty hamburger that had 500 calories (just an estimate) but instead I ordered their weird little tacos for 200 calories (plus those things are 2 for $1!).  I really think that some people realize that Big Mac's aren't good for you, but they don't necessarily realize HOW they aren't good for you and maybe why you shouldn't have one for lunch and supper in the same day. 

Rant ended....for now.

On to more fun things!

The tune of the week is inspired by last week's lake visit.  I had heard that Little Big Town had a song called "Pontoon" and I couldn't imagine it actually being something I'd listen to on purpose.  I stand corrected!  Now granted, this is not the most soul-touching country song but dang it if this isn't relaxing and summer-y!

When they performed the song on the CMT Awards they actually had a pontoon boat (complete with water slide on the back) onstage and they sang from the hardtop like they are in the video.  So grab yourself a koozie, let's go!

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