Thursday, November 22, 2012

Bethany's Tales: I'm Getting Married!

I hope everyone is ready for another installment of "Bethany's Tales," as this is the most recent of my adventures.  As of 4:15 pm on November 17....G & I ARE ENGAGED!  I figured this was the best place to give everyone the lowdown on how he did it.  So enjoy The Surprise Engagement of November 2012.

On Veteran's Day, G and I spent our day off shopping at Opry Mills and visiting with his parents who were in Nashville for a conference.  Later that week he said we were going to eat with them when they headed home to East Tennessee on Saturday.  I had planned on going to a craft show during the day and promised him I would be back to my apartment in time to eat.

Saturday rolled around and for some reason, I felt like I should curl my hair...good decision.  I had invited my friend Katy to join me at the craft fair but said I had to be back by 4 to go to Edward's. Once at the craft fair, my friends and I saw just about everyone we've ever known so we had to fly through the vendors.  We saw my parents and my brother, but I thought nothing of it since my brother's girlfriend had a booth selling children's clothes.

G had been acting like a time nazi all day, which is typically not his style.  For those who know me, you know I'm not tied to my watch...and when I get with Katy you can just expect us to be late.  I'd told her how G was being a crazy person about picking me up a 4 to eat so we both knew when we had to be at my apartment before he had a conniption.  So at the stroke of 3:50 we tore ourselves away.

When we arrive at my apartment, G steps out of his truck in a corduroy sport coat and my favorite shirt of his.  My first thought was "Oh darn I'm underdressed" and my next thought was "Am I getting proposed to?  Nah, that would be awkward if he proposed in the middle of the restaurant."  So we ride down the road to Edward's Steakhouse, all the while G's face is blood red and he looks like he might pass out.  I could not figure out why he was so worked up about getting there at 4.  It also never occurred to me that Edward's doesn't open until 4:30!

*Backstory:  The first time I met G was at Edward's.  I had been working a concert for work that had been rained out and I sought refuge in the piano bar area of Edward's where I knew a few people.  I was introduced to G there and it's one of our most frequented spots.*

G took me in the back door of Edward's and there was no one there.  I thought "See!  We beat them here, he's been all worked up for no reason!" UNTIL I saw a sheet of paper sitting on the table.  I immediately became enamored by this paper and I started trying to read it across the table.  He slid it over to me and said "It looks like they have a special menu tonight."  He had made a fake menu with all of these promises for me on it (listed as Free).  After reading it for what he said felt like forever, he got up and started to attempt his speech.  I say attempt because he was so nervous that he barely made any real words come was adorable.  Poor thing was so nervous he grabbed my right hand!  I said "wrong hand, other one" through about a million tears.  He finally made it to one knee and said "Think you'd like to marry me?" I said yes, we kissed and then he hollered out "She said Yes by the way!" and the staff of Eds came busting out of their employee area with champagne.  He walked me over to the stairs leading down to the dining room area where all of our family and friends (as many who were not at the Tennessee-Vandy game, of course) were down there!  It was the most perfect proposal!  I had never told him how I had always thought that would be a great proposal- one-on-one and then having everyone at another surprise location.  He just did it all on his own!

The best part was my parents knew, his parents knew, Katy knew the whole time.  EVERYONE knew but me!  AND they kept it a secret.  I'm so proud of them all!  I didn't care what he did, just as long as I was surprised.  He sure did that!  I really had no real clue!

So on this Thanksgiving Day, I am so very thankful for my G, my family, my friends and my God.  Thank you to all of the wonderful people who made this the most surreal and special night of my life!  Love you all!

Check out the pics!
Sooo surprised!
My sneaky BFF knew the whole time!

Soooo excited!

The most beautiful ring in the world!


  1. OMG what a sweet story! I teared up a little bit! Congratulations, your ring is beautiful!

  2. It is a good story! And good pictures! If Mr. G was telling this story, he would say, "I saw Katy peeping in the door while Bethany was reading the menu!" lol