Monday, December 17, 2012

There is Still Good

After the senseless and despicable events of last Friday, I can guarantee everyone's heart is a little heavy.  It is utterly heartbreaking to hear the stories that came from Sandy Hook Elementary School, a place of learning and safety turned into a nightmare.  There are still good stories coming from this tragedy.  The first-grade teacher who barricaded her students into the class bathroom and told them she loved them, and was glad they were her students.  That story reminded me of so many of my teacher friends. Clever enough to hide, brave and endearing.  Also the little boy who saw that awful man and grabbed his friends and ran outside to safety.  How brave of a first grader!

Just this evening I heard a radio DJ asking callers to call in with their own stories of kindness to share- right here in Middle Tennessee.  One caller said she went to purchase a drink from a vending machine and found a dollar with a note taped to the machine asking its finder to pass on the good deed.

If you are looking for an opportunity to do good this holiday season or just in general, check out my best friend Lindsay's blog (here) about her upcoming trip to Africa.  She is currently raising money to embark on this adventure by selling these earrings. The beads are handmade by women in Uganda and the earrings were assembled right here in the great state of Tennessee by a group of our friends.
If you want to know more about Lindsay's trip to Uganda, follow her blog!  She truly has a heart to serve and I know she will be a wonderful influence on the people she meets.  At first I was very nervous about her going on this trip alone but I know that God will be directing her each and every step!  

Ugandan Paper Bead Earrings will make lovely Christmas gifts!

PS - another happy note...I ordered my wedding dress this past Saturday and it is the most beautiful dress in the world :)

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