Sunday, November 4, 2012

Pinterest Probs

My name is Bethany and it has been WAY too many days since my last blog post.  Forgive me friends, I promise I have thought of you all many times.

Tonight's post is in regards to one of my favorite past times.  Pinning.  How man hours do we gals spend pinning things like "How to turn a headboard & footboard into a cute bench!" on our DIY boards?  A lot, that's how many.  Though I often wonder "how did I think of ideas before Pinterest?" however, there have been times I've also thought, "Who the heck can I talk to about how much of a disaster this project/food/whatever has turned out to be??"  In honor of both of these sentiments, here's a post about the things that confuse me about Pinterest.

1.  Pins to Nowhere
This may be the most confounding thing about the beloved Pinterest.  You see a lovely DIY project pin, click to find the original link from a blog or website and all you get is a stinking picture.  Oh good, because I definitely just wanted to admire that lovely craft some mystery pinner created....or found on Martha  The worst has to be when you see a cute dress and it just takes you to a photo of the dress and not the actual place to purchase the dress.  Said Dress Maker is probably not crazy about that either.

In other news, I don't mind as much with "room inspiration" pins.  I'm fine with those just taking me to a pretty picture to file away for future use.

However, this pin is a prime example.  I think we skipped a few steps.  That or this girl has a magical curling iron that fishtail braids her hair- in which case I need to know where she got it....but there's just a picture :(

2.  Looks Too Good to Be True Pins
Did you notice that I mentioned a bed frame turned bench in the intro to this list?  That's because I pinned it once.  But never made it.  Primarily because it involved power tools and purchasing extra lumber and I wasn't that determined.

I also got really inspired to make a "pallet couch" since I had access to all sorts of pallets (for free!) and needed some cheap/cute patio furniture.  I stained and stacked those bad boys but when the time came to make the cushion I could tell it was just going to be a lost cause.  So instead I now look like a wood hoarder.  I should have taken a picture and posted it on Pinterest as one of those "Nailed It!" pictures.

Sidenote:  I've got plans for the patio that don't involve sewing enormous cushions.  Stay tuned.

3.  The People Who Don't Change the Caption Accordingly Pins
As you're scrolling through your pins, you see a delicious chocolate cake with the caption "Hands down THE best chocolate cake ever.  My mom makes it every year for Christmas!" and you think "Oh hey, so-and-so's mom is an awesome cook, maybe I'll try that," only to see it repinned four times down the page with the exact same caption.  Edit people.  I know all of your mama's don't make that same chocolate cake.  However if they do, I will totally retract my statement.

4. This Last One is Just a Warning
Okay, this last one is really just a warning.  I pinned this delicious looking recipe for Beer Cheese Chicken a while back and decided to give it a whirl.  I had a feeling it was going to be similar to taking baked chicken and smothering it in beer cheese dip from the Blackhorse and topping it with bacon.  Plus it was a crockpot recipe and therefore could not get much I thought.  The recipe called for some brand of some kind of "ale" but then said "or some (insert type) of ale" so I didn't think it mattered much what type of beer you got to use.  Buddy was I wrong.  I should've just gotten a Mich Ultra or something because whatever crazy thing I got to use was not good.  I am very sensitive about my cooking and was pretty sad about it.  Lesson learned: Follow the Beer Cheese Chicken recipe to the letter or accept failure.
Looks delicious doesn't it?  Now you see why I was so disappointed!

But I have tried recipes that were just wonderful!  Have y'all ever run into any of these Pinterest probs?  Or any I may have left out?  Better yet, let me know about some recipes that went great via Pinterest....I like ending on a positive note!

Do you follow me on Pinterest?  Hopefully my pins won't cause any Pinterest Probs for you :)  Follow me here!  Spoiler alert, I like pinning monogrammed items and pictures of really cute puppies.


  1. I too hate when I click on a pin and there is no webpage there! So disappointing!

  2. I hate that! I found the perfect wooden kitchen for Beau on pinterest, but could not find it anywhere else. I had to move on to a different kitchen.
    POSITIVE: I once pinned a Nutella mug cake for one. It is fabulous, and following that pin I made it every day for a week! I had to cut myself off before gaining 100 lbs!